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Below you will find a small selection of what my patients have said about their experience of the treatment and consultations they recieved with Homeopathy Cheshire, whether it be for homeopathy, allergy/intolerance testing or a nutrition consultation.

Note: These testimonials do not represent evidence, but the personal opinion of the patients i have treated. Patients names have been changed to protect identity and confidentiality

Sharon, North Wales

"I am feeling so much better"
Many thanks for your help Phillippa with the food intolerance testing. I am feeling sooooooo much better since my appointment with you! My weight has dropped from a high of 13st 12lbs to 13st in just 6 weeks. I'm able to fit in clothes I haven't been able to in months. I'm no longer bloated or tired and have much more energy. Thanks again for all your help!

Laura, Warrington

"My eczema has improved and I no longer suffer from constant headaches or IBS"
Having an intolerance test has changed my life! Since finding out what I am intolerant to I no longer suffer with constant headaches everyday and my eczema I have had for over 15 years has reduced to very little. The main improvement is the difference I have seen with my tummy problems and if I avoid what I'm intolerant to I have no problems, which had previously got so bad I was in A&E and was sent home with IBS tablets!!! I would recommend Phillippa to anyone :-)

Sarah, Cheshire

"Phillippa has successfully treated my depression and thrush symptoms"
When I arrived for my first homeopathy appointment with Phillippa, i was depressed and an emotional mess. I had an underactive thyroid, showing symptoms of extreme fatigue, weight gain, white spots on my tonsils, feeling thirsty and cold all the time and had dry irritated skin on my face. I also regularly suffered from thrush. From the outset Phillippa was approachable and easy to talk to, always sympathetic and she truly listened. Nothing was beneath her consideration. Over this time Phillippa has successfully treated my depression and thrush and alleviated most of the symptoms associated with my thyroid problem. I would highly recommend Phillippa and Homeopathy to anyone suffering from physical and/or emotional problems.

Jayne, Wirral

"Homeopathy helped reduce my stress related symptoms"
I decided to visit a Homeopath after experiencing chronic stress-related symptoms and breathing difficulties. Following an initial consultation and thorough assessment, I was prescribed a homeopathic remedy, which began to take effect almost immediately. In contrast to more traditional medical practices, the homeopathic remedies often have a detoxifying effect upon symptoms (as opposed to suppressing symptoms with long term drug prescriptions.) I feel I have benefited greatly both physically and mentally from Phillippa's specialist knowledge and would highly recommend Homeopathy as a positive step towards good health and well-being.

Alison, Cheshire

"I feel like a new person"
Phillippa has helped me immensely over the years and also my whole family......I have suffered from digestive problems, bloating etc. and the homeopathic remedies worked promptly!!! Also when my parents passed away, I was grief stricken and Phillippa again prescribed the correct homeopathic remedies that helped me through the strong emotions and grief I was experiencing and I feel a new person! Thank you Phillippa

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