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CorporateVigor is a subsidiary of Homeopathy Cheshire and provides a personalised and comprehensive corporate health and wellbeing package to companies nationwide, especially to those based in the North West of England. CorporateVigor provides a professional and personalised service tailored to the individual health needs of your workforce, delivering workshops, onsite consultations and educaton on a variety of health and wellbeing topics. Please visit the CorporateVigor official website for more detailed information on what we offer and how we can help you.


Why is a Corporate Health and Wellbeing programme needed? The pressures, demands and stresses that are faced by today's workforce are extreme, resulting in millions of absences and sick days every year. This costs the UK economy between £10-12 billion each year and this number is increasing, showing the huge financial impacts that absence and sickness have on individual businesses both small and large.

To address this problem and create a healthier and more health aware workforce, it is vital that employers implement a scheme that involves Health Promotion, Wellness strategies and Education on how common, work related illness can be prevented and reduced. By introducing and implementing this type of in-company Health Programme, work related absences will decrease, thereby improving employee productivity and company performance

See our Video for Corporate Work. The short video above details what CorporateVigor offers and why this type of work intervention is needed.

'Healthy People create a Healthy Organisation'- Dr Wilf Howe


Workshop Tile Examples. •   Healthy nutrition & diet – Eat yourself well
•   Stress management & lifestyle
•   Relaxation techniques
•   Back pain, RSI & posture problems
•   Complementary medicine & you: The options
•   Coping with anxiety
•   Insomnia: Improving your sleep patterns
•   Exercise & fitness for health
•   Time management: Reducing anxiety &   depression
•   Hormonal problems: The natural approach
•   Tackling low mood & depression
•   Eating for good digestive health: Reduce your IBS

Note: All workshops and consultations are delivered by qualified health practitioners and health educators who are specialists in their field. All are professionally regsitered with governing bodies.


What does CorporateVigor Offer? CorporateVigor provides a professional and personalised service tailored to the individual health needs of your workforce. The services we provide focus on a variety of prevention strategies to help maintain health as well as delivering tools and health education which will equip employees to take control of their own health and wellbeing.

Improve the health of your employees and reduce absence by providing on site:
• Educational health seminars / information
• Focus workshops on preventative health
• Complementary Medicine options
• Employee health consultations

We help both large companies and smaller businesses alike to improve the health of their workforce. Big or small, we work with you with the same level of commitment, quality and enthusiasm to ensure your work Health Programme is beneficial for all.