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Homeopathic Treatment of Headaches

A recent research study published in The Journal of Headache and Pain (2013), reviewed the effectiveness of Homeopathy in the treatment of chronic tension type headaches, with some good results!


The study randomly assigned 127 people to either a homeopathic treatment group or a group where they continued their usual headache treatment which usually consisted of normal pharmaceutical painkiller medication.

The results showed that both headache frequency and intensity was lower in the people in the homeopathic treatment group compared to those continuing their usual treatment. Although overall evaluation of the two treatment methods showed they both improved headache symptoms, it was only those people in the homeopathic treatment group that showed consistent and more long-term improvement.

Another positive finding of this research study is that those people taking homeopathic medicine used 35% less medication (painkillers) and had 45% fewer visits to their Gp compared to the people using their usual painkiller medication.

This study gives hope to the thousands of people who suffer chronic regular headaches who perhaps might want an effective alternative to taking constant painkiller medication. This study shows that in some people, individualised homeopathic treatment could have clinical benefits for people suffering chronic headaches and can be effective at treating headache intensity and reducing the frequency of headache attacks.